Welcome to Steel City Endurance

Steel City Endurance is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most experienced endurance training resource for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists & runners. Coach Suzanne and associates believe that performance is created from the combination of technique plus training together. We offer a full spectrum of coaching & services, including individualized training plans, season planning, one-on-one training and technique sessions and training plan templates that can be customized to your needs.

“Whether you are looking for private monthly coaching, one-on-one swim technique training, running technique coaching or consultation for your season’s preparation, I’m confident that either myself or one of my associate coaches can help you reach your goal.” – Coach Suzanne

  • Lactate Testing

    The single best predictor of performance has been shown to be your pace, power or velocity at lactate threshold. Lactate threshold testing using a portable lactate meter creates a unique profile of your body’s metabolism. Steel City Endurance coaches perform power based lactate tests here at our home studio or at your home or store location.

  • Coaching with Power

    Power based coaching enables the athlete to evaluate precisely how much energy they are producing while training and racing on a bicycle. Regular testing and review of training & race files help your coach create personalized training zones that guide you in training and performing to your fullest potential.

  • Video Analysis

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth at least a million. Video analysis of your technique gives you instant feedback on the areas of improvement which will create the biggest impact on your form.

  • Heart Rate Based Training

    Heart Rate Based training is a proven method for improving your time spent training. But don't rely on formulas or generic zones from a sports watch. Customized training zones are created from testing and racing, enabling you to develop your fitness in the most efficient way using personalized training zones.