Total Immersion Swimming Philosophy

Transform Your Technique



Traditional instruction focuses on pulling, kicking and endless laps. Total Immersion teaches you to swim with the effortless grace of fish by becoming one with the water. Total Immersion emphasizes the same patient precision and refinement taught by martial arts masters. We start with simple skills and movements and progress by small, easily-mastered steps. Our students thrive on the attention to detail and the logical sequence of progressive skills.

Transform Your Experience

Swimmers come to us with the goal of swimming faster. They quickly learn that it’s far more beneficial and satisfying to swim with grace, flow, and economy…and that speed will surely follow when they master ease. You’ll feel the difference from your very first lap of intelligent, purposeful Total Immersion practice and get more satisfaction from every lap that follows.

Transform Yourself

SuzSwimCoronadoTotal Immersion, alone among all swimming-improvement programs, teaches swimming as a practice — in the same mindful spirit as yoga or tai chi. Our students tell us that by swimming the Total Immersion way they sharpen the mind-body connection and achieve heightened self-awareness and self-mastery, leading to greater physical and mental well-being.

Who Should Take Total Immersion Swim Lessons?


Triathletes of every level will benefit from increased efficiency and comfort in the swim, by far the most important aspect to setting up a great bike and run.

Adult Learners

Adult leaners will benefit from a friendly, non-judgemental instructing style that will take you from splashing to graceful swimming in the water.

Fitness & Masters Swimmers

Fitness swimmers will learn a new joy from the improved stroke form, ease in the water and great compliments from fellow swimmers.

Sign up the Lessons or Clinics that are Right for You

suzSwimUWPrivate Lessons

Sign up for one on one or small group lessons.  A minimum of three one-hour, or six half-hour lessons are recommended to allow you to completely transform your stroke.  Included is video evaluation above and below water, with expert stroke analysis.  Technique development tailored to your current level of ability, clear instructions on how to structure your practice before your next less. Lessons are 55 minutes long.

Bring a Buddy

Sign up with a swimming buddy to improve your ability to practice proper swimming between lessons and on your own.  Learn what to look for in your parters form so you and your buddy can self-critique when swimming without an instructor.  Minimum lesson length is 1 hour.

Learn more about triathlon swim technique

 Total Immersion Swimming

All lessons are taught by Total Immersion Master Coach Suzanne Atkinson

Private (1) Buddy (2)
Single Lesson (55min) $85/$75  Add $30/$25 per person
Three Lesson Package $225/$210 (savings $30) Add $75/$65 per person (save $45)

Discounted prices apply to current members of any USA Triathlon Club:   $10 discount on all swimming lessons, $15 discount on packages of 3.


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