I help dedicated triathletes achieve breakthrough performances

My three part Resilient Triathlete Formula addresses all aspects of lifestyle triathlon training including First Principles of Science, Reflective Recovery and Applied Analysis of training data.

The Resilient Triathlete Method can help you balance your triathlon goals and with your personal life in order to set new performance records at any distance.

Pillar 1: First Principals Training

Training plan design based on known first principals of exercise physiology accounting for training intensity, fitness peaks, and mechanics of movement for speed and injury prevention

PIllar 2: Objective Analysis

Analysis of the right data points to minimize confusion and maximize improvements lets us know where you’ve been, what you can do today, and where you’ll be headed in the future



Pillar 3: Reflective Recovery

Recovery planning that is customized to your schedule, age, fitness, spiritual and emotional needs lets you adapt to your training load while maintaining an full time job and family.



Triathlon Coach Suzanne Atkinson at the side of the pool.

Suzanne Atkinson, MD founded Steel City Endurance in 2005, and since then has coached triathletes of all levels from first timers to World Champions, and everyone in-between.  Suzanne is one of about thirty Level 3 USA Triathlon coaches in the world.  Her coaching experience includes not only 1 on 1 triathlon coaching, but she has also coached triathlon, running and swimming camps around the US, Caribbean and the UK.    In addition to her endurance coaching experience & credentials, Suzanne is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, has masters level coursework in Exercise Physiology, is am a former Outward Bound instructor with experience teaching expedition skills, whitewater kayaking, rock-climbing & mountaineering.  No matter your personal endurance sports goals ,whether it be triathlon, mountain biking, road cycling, swimming or running, Suzanne has experience getting athletes like you to the finish line