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PTC 2016 Beginner Triathlon Training

Welcome to your home base for the 2016 PTC Beginner Triathlon Training group.    On this page you’ll find resources for this program including beginner sprint & olympic training schedules, contact information for the training committee and links to other helpful resources.


Triathlon Training Fundamentals

On this page:  Triathlon Training Fundamentals  you’ll find mini-articles on every aspect of training for your first sprint or olympic distance triathlon.  12 week beginner schedules based on “first time finisher” durations are included here as well.   Topics you’ll find on this page include:

  • First Time Finishers Guide
  • Equipment
  • Three Basic Components of Training
  • Importance of Consistency & Rest
  • Transitions (T1 & T2)
  • Bricks
  • Planning Morning Workouts
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Organization
  • Moving from Sprint to Olympic Distances
  • Cross Training & Core Training
  • Preventing Injuries
  • Making up for Missed Training Sessions
  • Nutrition

Training Plans for 12 Week Sprint & Olympic Distances are also linked from this page, but the shortcuts can also be downloaded below


12 Week Beginner Sprint Training Plan – Schedule Only

12 Week Beginner Olympic Training Plan – Schedule Only




16 Triathlon Swimming Workout & Practice Ideas

You can use these guides for beginner swim workouts to guide each swim based on the distance suggested in your training plan.  Feel free to mix and match or double up to create longer swims.

Sprint Distance Triathlon Swim Workouts: 

Swim Practices  A, B, C & D  (500-1000 yds)

Swim Practice E (700 yds)

Swim Practice F (900-1000 yds)

Swim Practice G Broken 50s race Distance (800-900 yds)

Swim Practice H Endurance & Speed (1000 yds)



Olympic/International Distance Triathlon Swim Workouts: 

Swim Practices A, B, C & D (800-1450 yds)

Swim Practice E (1200 yds)

Swim Practice F (1500 yds)

Swim Practice G (1700 yds)

Swim Practice H (1200 yds)




Fresh Freestyle: 99 Practices for Triathletes & Swimmers

Fresh Freestyle Cover

Looking for more practice ideas?  Pre-order my book of 99 Swim Practices for Swimmers & Triathletes.  Fresh Freestyle, a refreshing way to approach your freestyle practice. Fresh Freestyle is perfect for new swimmers, fitness swimmers and triathletes. This collection of progressive technique based practices will have you swimming with focus, ease, confidence and speed.


Now taking pre-orders at a discount, with shipping expected by May 31st, 2016

Group Bike Training Resources

These are great for midweek or weekend rides if you can’t get together with the training group or would like to do any additional riding on your own.

Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club:

The mission of the Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club is to introduce cycling, develop skills, provide instruction, and to promote overall health benefits to the Pittsburgh community, particularly targeting those communities disproportionately affected by health issues. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bicycling. The Club’s focus is to provide the novice, intermediate, and advanced cyclist the opportunity to ride, train, and socialize with other cycling enthusiasts.

Western Pennsylvania Wheelman:

The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen (WPW), founded in 1969, is one of the largest bicycle clubs in Pennsylvania with over 1000 individual and family memberships. Our purpose is to promote the general interests of bicyclists, to educate bicyclists in safe riding methods in adherence to the State Vehicle Code, to defend the rights of bicyclists, and to advocate the use of bicycles for pleasure, health, and transportation.
http://wpwbikeclub.org/ – hover over a date on the calendar at the bottom of the page for available rides.

Top Gear Bicycle Shop, Robinson –


Open Water Swimming Resources

Pittsburgh Rivers – Open Water Pittsburgh

Monday Nights @ Morraine by Get Fit Families

Morraine State Park

Saturdays @ Keystone State Park by No Boundaries Fitness (May through August, OW Swim Sessions)



Local & Regional Triathlons – Please leave a comment and we’ll update here.