Red, Yellow & Green Card Thoughts

How to take your emotional temperature

Green – Calm
– Choose thoughts
– Competent & Functional

Yellow – Caution
– Slight discomfort
– Can function but not optimal

Red – Danger
– All out panic
– Dysfunctional

Specific Management Strategies for EQ

Green Card Thoughts

  • Checking in with your senses
  • What do you See? Hear? Smell? Feel? Taste?
  • Periodically recall dopamine inducing thoughts

Yellow Card Thoughts
When & where was your…

  •  best race?
  •  best swim?
  •  best run?
  •  best bike?

When have you overcome an adverse situation?

Red Card thoughts

  • When & Where have you been happiest?
  • Who are your friends & family that are most important to you?
  • What’s something you’ve done in your life that no one can take away from you?
  • When in your life have you made a positive impact in someone’s life?
  • When you get to green, stimulate your senses.
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