Swim Video Review

Thanks for ordering your swim video analysis.  This page will let you upload up to four video clips. Read these instructions to get the best quality analysis from your videos.

You can save this page and come back to it later if you are not ready to upload your videos.   (you cannot save progress at this time, just collect all your video URLs from vimeo or youtube, and then enter all the information when ready).

Once you submit your videos, I’ll upload a screen cast video analysis within a week for you to review along with recommended corrective drills and 3 swim practices for your current skill current training needs.

Views that are most helpful

are these views in the following order:

  1. Side view – Underwater, 1 full length (25y or 25m)
  2. Front view – Above Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall
  3. Side view – Above Water,  1 full length (25y or 25m)
  4. Overhead view  – 5-6 full stroke cycles midlength
  5. Front view – Below Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall
  6. Open water footage, any views with the swimmer filling much of the frame.

You can upload up to four clips of up to 1 minutes each.  If you are interested in evaluating the difference between two different paces or between the beginning of your swim and at the end when you are tired, upload the first 2 views for each of those paces or each of those swims.

Advanced Metrics…

If you are doing a video evaluation of your swim plus stroke metrics, please include a continuous 100 yd/m swim at your race pace as one of your four uploads. This is usually best done as a continuous side view of all four lengths of a 25yd/m pool (or 2 lengths of a 50m pool).

Thank you and I’m looking forward to working with you!

Swim Video Evaluation

Collection data for remote swim video evaluation
  • Basic Information

  • Current Swimming Needs

  • Describe your brief swim history, (years swimming, prior swim team training, previous lessons or classes, current masters, what teaching tools, books, clinics, methods or coaches you have used)
  • Describe the current problems you perceive with your swimming, and the top 3 tings you feel you need or would like the most help with.
  • Swimming Metrics

    If you have access to more than one pool, state the format your videos and metrics are in.
  • Best time in mm:ss format for 100 yards or meters (whatever format you answered in the last question)
  • Wingspan is measured fingertip to fingertip. If noting your wingspan please specify that as well. eg. (65" wingspan, 63" height). Otherwise just include your height.
  • Video Links

    Post links to your high resolution videos here. You can share up to four videos from any video sharing service such as Youtube or Vimeo. Use the "unlisted" setting if you do not want them to be public (as opposed to the "private" setting)


Freestyle Swimmer Struggling to Breath

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