Total Immersion Drill Video Review

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Superman Glide Drills

Superman Glide Family of Drills teach front to back balance, the first step for reducing drag in swimming.

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Drills included:

  • Superman Glide
  • Laser Lead Flutter
  • Superman Flutter
  • JellyFish
  • Leaning
  • Leaning_with_Push_Off
  • Superman Glide to Swim
  • Superman Flutter to Swim
  • Superman Flutter with Pressing the Water
Skating Family of Drills
Suz-arm lead streamline numbered

The Skating Family of Drills teaches streamlining, rotation & advance core stabilization, and represents the foundation of the freestyle stroke.

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  • Skate with Interrupted Breathing
  • Laser Lead Rotation
  • Laser Lead Rotation to Skate
  • Superman Glide to Skate
  • Skate Breath Skate
  • Leaning to Skate
  • Glide to Skate, No Kick
  • Skate, Kick
  • Skate-Stroke-Skate (3S)
Recovery Family of Drills
Freestyle Breathing TIps

The Recovery Family of Drills teaches lateral balance, dynamic streamlining, and relaxation.

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  • Swing Switch Rehearsal (Arm Drag/ Fingertip Drag)
  • Swing Skate
  • Interrupted Swing Switch
  • Continuous Swing Switch with Sweet Spot Breathing
  • Continuous Swing Switch with Continuous Breathing
  • Switch Rehearsal (Mail Slot Rehearsal) – One Arm
  • Switch Rehearsal (Mail Slot Rehearsal) -Both Arms (AKA Slot to Skate)
  • Single Arm Swing Switch – No Breathing
  • Single to Both Arms Swing Switch (No Breathing)
  • Single Arm Switch with Interrupted Breathing (Breath Away from Arm)
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