Running Pace Training Zones Calculator

man running alone on a road in the mountains with a lake in the distance

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Use this calculator to determine your threshold running pace based on any recent race or test event. Your training zones are automatically calculated as well. While there are many descriptions of what “threshold” means for endurance training, one commonly accepted and easily tested definition is the pace that you can sustain for a 1-hour time trial event.

This calculator can make use of any run test that you do to estimate your threshold pace and your training zones. Races may be more accurate and can provide the best true estimate of your fitness, however, you can use a race or stand-alone time trial of any distance to project your 1-hour run pace.

For more details about how to determine your threshold fitness for running, read our guide on How to Test your Running Threshold. For more details about the physiology and math behind our calculators, read our guide on Threshold Training for Endurance Athletes.