Total Immersion Swimming – Coach Suzanne Takes the Plunge

I recently completed an intensive one week training course in Coronado, CA to become an official Total Immersion Coach.  This past week was just the beginning of my Total Immersion training, and I look forward to bringing what I learned back to Pittsburgh.  To all my swimmers, I apologize it’s taken me so long to get this additional training. I’m am so excited to introduce you to not only the stroke work and mindfulness that I learned, but also the techniques of stroke modulation, finding your gears and tempo training.  You can read about my week in a day by day diary in my blog right here (go to the menu, click on blog, then Total Immersion).  Thanks to all the coaches who helped out, especially Terry Laughlin, Dave Cameron, Kim and Karen

Keep an eye out on the services page for Total Immersion Swim Training lessons and clinics, or email me if you would like to be placed on the short list for Total Immersion training.

Mike Quigley Negotiates Leadville Thin Air for Silver Buckle Finish

Mike Quigley finishes Leadville 100 Mountain Bike RaceMike Quigley negotiates Leadville 100s Race Across the Sky and earns a silver finisher’s buckle and a time of 11:29:30.  Mike began specific training with Steel Ctiy Endurance head coach Suzanne Atkinson six months prior to his main event. Coordinating Mike’s family time became one of their biggest challenges in training for the ultra endurance Mountain Bike marathon.  Mike’s training plan built a foundation of strong threshold and VO2 max work in the early season, following the “strong before long” periodization philosophy of Steel City Endurance for ultradistance athletes.

As the race became closer, Mike transitioned into longer endurance rides at a moderate paces while he and Coach Suzanne zeroed in on proper ‘race pace’ for an event whose starting line is at 10,000 feet.  Two weeks before the race, Mike was doing back to back rides of six hours each combined with plenty of climbing work around the short steep hills in Pittsburgh.

The Leadville 100 is a 50 mile out and back course starting in Leadville, CO at an elevation of 10,000 feet and peaking at over 14,000 feet on  the 3000 foot climb to Columbine mine. It was first run in 1984 and is one of the best know ultra marathon mountain bike events.

See the full finishing results of the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race here.

Courney Tobin wins 3rd Place in Beat the Sheriff 5k

Courtney at Start of Beat the Sheriff 5kSteel City Endurance athlete (and 2nd cousin) Courtney Tobin ran her best 5k yet with a time of 28:59.  She took 3rd place in the Beat the Sheriff 5k in Iverness, FL.  Even though she didn’t Beat the Sheriff, she beat her previous 5k personal best by nearly a minute with only 3 1/2 weeks of structured training.  Living in Florida means hot, humid weather, so Courtney prefers to train indoors. After her last race, she was determined to improve her time and not walk at all. Coach Suzanne started her on a custom-designed training plan taking into account her current fitness and training modality…the treadmill.

A four-week plan of mixed pace intervals, with only 3 runs per week allowed her adequate recovery while preparing her body to run faster and complete the race without walking.  Good luck to Courtney in future 5ks. With the winter coming, hopefully, some outdoor training will be tolerable.

Congratulations Courtney!

View Courtney’s Custom 5k Training plan here

Steel City Endurance Bike Racing Teams

Steel City Endurance Bicycle Racing

In 2009 Steel City Endurance is fielding both a mens and women’s racing team.  Ranging from Cat 2 to Cat 5, the riders each have unique skills, backgrounds and abilities that they bring to the team.  A long winter in Pittsburgh has helped to forge a team that is ready for the 2009 racing season, if not a team that is wind and cold resistant as well.

Check out the team rosters for 2009

Steel City Endurance Womens Bike Racing Team

Steel City Endurane Men’s Bike Racing Team

Successful Group Tactics Makes Migno a Success

The Mingo Road Race Series signals the beginning of Spring Road Racing in Southwestern PA.  This year Steel City Endurance is fielding both mens and women’s teams.  Pam Milavec, the newest member of the SCE women’s team write about the successful teamwork by the ladies in the first race of the season.

The weather was cold, blustery and rainy for the first race at Mingo Park on March 29, 2009. There was a decently sized women’s field of 11 rides, including 4 from SCE – Barb Grabowski, Patty George, Rachel Teodori and me. Barb and I were riding with the SCE team for the first time. The women’s race started slowly, with Barb taking an early pull on the front and no one wanting to get into the wind to replace her. The pace was slow, down to 11 mph at one point, on the gradual climb up to the two steep sections. Patty and I had fun attacking on the hills during a practice ride the week before and decided to give it a try. If nothing else, it would wake things up a bit! We attacked and went off the front, but it didn’t last long (lesson #1 – don’t try an attack when everyone is still very fresh!).

Read the rest of Pam’s Race Report on the Steel City Endurance Team Website

Holly Forsyth wins National 24 Hour Series

Congratulations to Holly Forsyth, racing for Pittsburgh Pro Bikes, who won the National Series of Granny Gear 24 Hour Races. Holly finished three of the six races held across the country. She placed first in two of the races, and second in a third race, giving her the victory in the National Points Series by a wide margin!

Way to go Holly!