David Burke hammers on the front stretch at an Aliquippa Spring Criterium, April 2006.
Name:David Burke

Associate Coach

David is has over 10 years of experienced racing mountain and road bikes and is currently working his way back up through the ranks. He is a certified Level 3 USA Cycling/USCF Coach available for monthly coaching. David is also writes articles that can be found on the Steel City Endurance website and newsletter.

Climbing Seal Rock from the pacific ocean up to the Presidio, San Francisco, CA
Name:Suzanne Atkinson


Suzanne is a former Outward Bound Instructor who is now a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 and USA Cycling/USCF level 2 coach. She competes in Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, mountain biking races and local criterium road races as a Cat 4. She is also a former Outward Bound Instructor and Emergency Medicine Physician.