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How Steel City Endurance is Different…

Science backed principals of endurance training provide the fulcrum of our athlete’s success. Head Coach & Founder Suzanne Atkinson, MD has taken over 30 years of teaching & coaching experience, blended it with a masterful understanding of physiology, and infused it with her ability to connect with people on a one to one basis. The results are a training plan that reflects your individual needs and response to previous efforts, adequate time to recovery between workouts and races and still spend time on other pursuits, and increased speed in your planned races.

Our Core Values

  • Continuous Incremental Improvement in Sport, Attitude, Nutrition
  • Open Communication
  • Non-judgemental Approach: There is no “fail” on team SCE
  • First Move Well, then Move Often
  • Technique, Efficiency & Consistency yield Performance

Our Approach to Your Success

Steel City Endurance Coaching helps you perform to your potential. At Steel City Endurance our priority is making sure that we understand and listen to your needs and your endurance performance goals, and then help craft the training plan, accountability and support that helps you reach them.

My Personal Guarantee

I guarantee that you will see results within your first 30 days, or else your first month is free! If you follow your custom training plan for the first month and do not feel fitter, faster, smoother, more efficient or do not feel you are getting the service you expect from Steel City Endurance, your first month is free.

Meet Our Coaches

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Coach Suzanne Atkinson

Suzanne Atkinson is the Founder & Head Coach of Steel City Endurance. In addition to working as an Emergency Medicine Physician, she has over 30 years of experience in coaching, and over 10 years specifically in triathlon coaching. As a former wilderness instructor for Outward Bound School, Suzanne brings strong motivational skills and technical instruction to endurance athletes. She has helped both first-time triathletes as well as world champions accomplish their dreams.

Coach Don Larkin

Despite a history of youth and high school athletics, a desire to tackle the sport of triathlon since I was a teenager, and active involvement in alpine skiing, volleyball, and strength training my entire adult life, I didn’t race my first triathlon until the age of 37.  I was instantly hooked and completed five races in my first year, two of them with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Program




Coach Michael Brown

Michael Brown has been coaching cyclists since the early 1990s when he ran a bicycle retail store in the South Hills, “Maestro Cycles”. After the store closed in the late 90s, he continued to be involved in the cycling community and helped coach a group of junior road cyclists to the overall “B” series championships against much older and more experienced competitors. He is an experienced skills instructor as well, helping many new and experienced riders improve their road handling & racing skills as well as off-road riding techniques.

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CoachSuzanneOlympicSwimClubAbout The Head Coach

Steel City Endurance Head Coach & Founder is Suzanne Atkinson, MD.  Suzanne relentlessly pursues ongoing experience in direct mentoring relationships with elite coaches and soaks up training information from primary sources, journal articles, and university level education.  She has experience not only in 1 on 1 coaching for swimming, cycling & running, but has also coached triathlon and swimming camps in Cabo Rojo,  Puerto rico; Kona, Hawaii;  Boulder, CO & London UK.

Certifications imply a standard has been met by a national organization.  While they are not a guarantee of coaching ability or knowledge, the maintenance and achievement of certification shows ongoing pursuit of continuing education, experience with athletes  and a commitment to the sport.

Suzanne has achieved a Level 2 USA Triathlon Certification with Elite Mentoring Experience, qualified for USAT Level 3 Certification in 2016, as well as USA Cycling Level 2. She achieved the high distinction of Master Coach during her time with Total Immersion where she also helped lead and develop coaching education for new trainees

In addition to her endurance coaching experience & credentials, Suzanne is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, has masters level coursework in Exercise Physiology, is am a former Outward Bound instructor with experience teaching expedition skills, whitewater kayaking, rockclimbing & mountaineering.

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