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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Olympic Swim & Health Club

Freestyle Swimming Technique Before & After


This workshop focuses on fundamental skills of moving through the water effectively and without fatigue.  Coached by Total Immersion Master Coach Suzanne Atkinson, MD.

This is a 2 hour coached swim clinic to help you reduce  effort, swim further & longer with less effort than before.   Clinic limited to 12 students to maximize coaching feedback, a second coach will be provided if there are more than 6 students.  Cost $80 for single clinic.  If you register for additional clinics this spring, you can earn a 15% discount for those by registering for this first one.

Description of Clinic

If your swimming feels uncomfortable, hard and/or slow, it’s not because you lack conditioning. It’s because you move water around instead of moving through water.  This class will cure this universal human swimming problem by teaching you the Smart Endurance skill sequence of Balance-Streamline-Propel.


Skill 1: Linear Balance. Cure ‘heavy’ legs by learning to cooperate with – rather than fight – gravity. An effortlessly horizontal body moves through the water more easily and calms your churning legs. It also brings the mental calm necessary to learn every skill that follows.

Skill 2: Lateral Balance. Gain control of your arms and legs to use them effectively instead of ineffective steadying/stabilizing movements.

Together Linear and Lateral Balance allow you to replace arm-and-leg churn with a sustainable stroke rate, giving you the swimming equivalent of a conversational running pace – the key to swimming farther immediately.


Skill 1: Passive Streamlining. Shape your body to be longer, sleeker, more hydrodynamic.  

Skill 2: Active Streamlining. As you stroke, move your arms and legs in ways that redirects energy from making waves and creating turbulence into forward motion.

Together Passive and Active Streamlining will produce your greatest energy savings – and greatest increases in endurance and speed.



Skill 1: Direct ‘available’ forces, rather than generating muscular forces. Learn to connect your body mass to the force of gravity in rhythmic weight shifts for ‘free’ power.

Skill 2:  Link the actions of your arms and legs to the effortless power of the weight shift to swim with more power, more speed and no fatigue.



  • Pre & Post Video Above & Below the Water
  • Instruction During Clinic
  • Post Clinic Practice Sessions (3 included)
  • Discount on Future Spring Clinics of 15% when scheduled, good until June 2014



  • We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge.
  • Water Bottle
  • Snack (bar, nuts, dried fruit)


Club Discounts: Active members of the PTC & PESA along with coached Steel City Endurance Athletes can receive $10 off by using this code: TenOff2014  ** Membership Rosters Will be Checked ** 

About Coach Suzanne

Suzanne Atkinson, MD is the head coach & founder of Steel City Endurance, Pittsburgh’s oldest coaching company for endurance athletes.   She is a Total Immersion Master Coach and has coached at open water swim & triathlon camps in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Hawaiian Islands including Maui & the Big Island.

She has worked with swimmers from all skill levels including complete beginners, age group competitors, National and World Team Triathlon Members, Kona Qualifiers and Professional Triathletes.

As a board certified & practicing Emergency Medical Physician, Suzanne brings a unique blend of not only coaching excellence but also an understanding of biomechanics, fluid dynamics and physiology that few other coaches do.




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