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1:00 am - 2:30 am


Olympic Swim & Health Club

Experience Masters swimming practice using the guiding principals of  Total Immersion way of thinking about speed.  If you are a performance oriented Distance swimmer or triathlete, our masters program will teach you how to “invite speed”, swimming faster not harder.By using easily-defined and measurable variables in your swimming, namely Tempo & Stroke length, you’ll be swimming practices that are personalized to your current ability, while pushing you to make measurable improvements as you approach your goal race.

Requirements: All levels of swimmers are welcome, however you should feel comfortable swimming 100 yards without stopping in less than 2:30, and be comfortable swimming in deep water where you cannot touch the bottom of the pool.  If you are not comfortable swimming 100 yards non-stop in less than 2:30, then you would probably benefit more from attending a privaate session or a 1 day Effortless Endurance Taster (please see event listing for dates)


Bookings are closed for this event.