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12:00 am - 1:30 am


Olympic Swim & Health Club

Masters Swimming for Triathletes.

Beautiful Outdoor 50m competition sized pool, Monday & Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. Earlier time so we can enjoy more sunlight and warmer temperatures. This will become your favorite part of the week!

What is it?

This is a weekly coached swim practice oriented towards triathletes but suitable for nearly every level of swimmer. DON”T BE INTIMIDATED! Everyone is welcome! The primary focus is on speed in endurance events (500 yd/m or longer), but we will still focus on fast swimming for shorter distances a key fitness element as well.

Whether you are a performance oriented swimmer, triathlete, or fitness enthusiast, our masters program will teach you how to “invite speed”, swimming faster not harder. By using easily-defined and measurable variables in your swimming,  Tempo & Stroke length, you’ll be swimming practices that are personalized to your current ability, while pushing you to make measurable improvements as you approach your goal race.

Requirements: All levels of swimmers are welcome, however you should feel comfortable swimming 100 meters without stopping in less than 2:30, and be comfortable swimming in deep water where you cannot touch the bottom of the pool.  If you are not comfortable swimming 100 meters non-stop in less than 2:30, then you would probably benefit more from attending a private session or a 1 day Effortless Endurance Taster (please see event listing for dates)


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