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1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Panera Bread, Waterworks Mall

What is Metabolic Efficiency? 

Metabolic efficiency is a term that describes how efficiently your body utilizes stored fats and carbohydrates at different levels of exercise and also at rest. Our bodies are always burning a mix of carbohydrates and fat, but with a certain nutrition and exercise strategy, we can teach our bodies to burn more body fat for energy, decrease our need for supplemental calories during racing/training, and preserve limited carbohydrate (glycogen) stores. Following a metabolically efficient diet can lead to decreased gastrointestinal distress during races; healthier body weight and leaner body composition; and improved health markers.

In this workshop, participants will learn how different foods affect blood sugar and which foods are detrimental to weight loss and health goals. Participants will assess food lists of what they’re currently eating and learn how to build metabolically efficient meals using the foods they like and know how to cook. Strategies of adapting to a metabolically efficient diet will be presented and participants can choose the strategy that they think will work best for them.


Periodized Nutrition Strategies

We will also discuss nutrition strategy for the different parts of the season; how protein and carbohydrate ratios may be adjusted as training load increases and decreases; and how to time nutrient intake around training/racing. Participants will be given recipes and recommended shopping lists for metabolically efficient meals and snacks. Participants have the option of keeping a food/snack log after the workout, which they can send to the instructor for feedback and suggestions for changes to make for more metabolically efficient meals.

Who will this benefit?

This workshop will be beneficial to all abilities, from first-timers to seasoned athletes, who are looking to race any distance. Workshops limited to 10 participants.

Questions? Leave a comment here or Contact Anne-Marie at ama@steelcityendurance.com

Where: Panera Bread at WaterWorks Mall in Aspinwall/Fox Chapel (same plaza as Giant Eagle). 942 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Cost: $65
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About the Instructor:

Anne-Marie Alderson - Steel City Endurance CoachAnne-Marie Alderson is an ITCA-certified triathlon coach specializing in Metabolic Efficiency and has been coaching endurance athletes since Spring 2013. She has competed in over 25 triathlons since 2007, including sprint, Olympic, half-iron and iron distance. After implementing a metabolically efficient diet and seeing significant health and fitness benefits, Anne-Marie decided to pursue her Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist certification in Nov. 2013 in order to help others experience similar changes.


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