Steel City Endurance Athlete Forms

Initial Athlete Intake Forms, Waiver & Medical Release (4 forms needed)

Please download these four forms, fill out and submit back to, or send via some electronic / cloudbased means such as drop box file or Evernote attachment.

General Athlete Questionnaire

All athletes must submit a general athletic history that your coach will use during your initial interview.


Medical History & PAR-Q

All athletes must fill out a medical history form and participation readiness questionnaire.


Physicians Release Form

must submit if any questions on PAR-Q are “Yes” or if Coach/Doctor Atkinson requests a physician release for condition not specifically listed on the PAR-Q.  If all answers are “No” and you have no other medical conditions, you do not need to submit this.


Steel City Endurance Waiver and Release Form

This form is required before training can begin.