Fresh Freestyle CoverThrough Fresh Freestyle Books, Camps and Clinics, hundreds of swimmers learned new ways to think about swimming freestyle and gained speed and confidence in the water. 

Fresh Freestyle is currently out of print, but interested parties can contact the authors individually for current options regarding books, publications, camps and swim lessons. 

Contact Coach Suzanne Atkinson (Steel City Endurance Founder & Head Coach) 


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From the Book’s Introduction…

Welcome to Fresh Freestyle, a refreshing way to approach your freestyle practice. Fresh Freestyle is perfect for new swimmers, fitness swimmers and triathletes. This collection of progressive technique based practices will have you swimming with focus, ease, confidence and speed.

Fresh Freestyle will give you answers to these questions:

  •  I want to do a triathlon but swimming is my weak link, how can I improve?
  •  I took lessons but how do I practice on my own?
  • How can I avoid practicing the wrong technique?
  • I want to improve my swim without joining a big group, what can I do?
  • Where can I find practices that use more than just numbers?
  • What can I do to get faster?
  •  Can you help me swim more than one lap without feeling exhausted?

Coaches Celeste, Dinah and Suzanne have many years of teaching and coaching experience between us. We saw a need for swimmers everywhere to have practices that combined technique focal points with well thought out practice plans that addressed fitness and endurance, and means to measure these improvements.