Congratulations Kirsten Sass 2015 World Champion

Kirsten Sass won the overall ITU Age Group World Championships world championships for Olympic Distance in Chicago, September 2015. Beating out competitors from all over the world, she represented the US in dominating fashion, all the while competing with a smile!

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Well, another amazing weekend of racing in the books. Finally made it on the overall podium at USAT Olympic Distance Triathlon Nationals, racing it out with the best of the best. Honored to even toe the line with these athletes. Day 2 (the sprint) was tough, really felt Saturday’s efforts, but gave it all I had. Suzanne Atkinson, thanks for guiding the way and being an amazing coach. She somehow manages to balance her work, personal life, and coach – I don’t know how. Through injury and illness, podiums and ‘I was just thankful to make it to the finish’, we have been through a lot the past few years. Thank you for your constant encouragement, helping me keep my life balanced, and always supporting whatever crazy race schedules I dream up. And my wonderful family support – I would not be here without you!!!!! Thanks to all who cheered, hoped, and believed – you keep me going.
Kirsten Sass

2015 Overall National & World Champion Olympic Distance Triathlon

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