Courtney at Start of Beat the Sheriff 5kSteel City Endurance athlete (and 2nd cousin) Courtney Tobin ran her best 5k yet with a time of 28:59.  She took 3rd place in the Beat the Sheriff 5k in Iverness, FL.  Even though she didn’t Beat the Sheriff, she beat her previous 5k personal best by nearly a minute with only 3 1/2 weeks of structured training.  Living in Florida means hot, humid weather, so Courtney prefers to train indoors. After her last race, she was determined to improve her time and not walk at all. Coach Suzanne started her on a custom-designed training plan taking into account her current fitness and training modality…the treadmill.

A four-week plan of mixed pace intervals, with only 3 runs per week allowed her adequate recovery while preparing her body to run faster and complete the race without walking.  Good luck to Courtney in future 5ks. With the winter coming, hopefully, some outdoor training will be tolerable.

Congratulations Courtney!

View Courtney’s Custom 5k Training plan here