I recently completed an intensive one week training course in Coronado, CA to become an official Total Immersion Coach.  This past week was just the beginning of my Total Immersion training, and I look forward to bringing what I learned back to Pittsburgh.  To all my swimmers, I apologize it’s taken me so long to get this additional training. I’m am so excited to introduce you to not only the stroke work and mindfulness that I learned, but also the techniques of stroke modulation, finding your gears and tempo training.  You can read about my week in a day by day diary in my blog right here (go to the menu, click on blog, then Total Immersion).  Thanks to all the coaches who helped out, especially Terry Laughlin, Dave Cameron, Kim and Karen

Keep an eye out on the services page for Total Immersion Swim Training lessons and clinics, or email me if you would like to be placed on the short list for Total Immersion training.

Freestyle Swimmer Struggling to Breath

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