Hi, my name is Suzanne and welcome to Steel City Endurance. I started Steel City Endurance to put into practice everything I have learned about training and sports physiology over the past several years of doing triathlons. As a physician and athlete, I have a unique perspective on training – both the science of training as well as finding time to train.

I am constantly reading about sports physiology, coaching and training in addition to following my own training plan as well. I understand how difficult it is to find time to workout in addition to spending time with your family, home and job comittments.

I can help create a plan for you to achieve your training and competition goals that is built around your busy lifestyle. Each training plan is built from the ground up with your unique background, strengths and weaknesses in mind. I use periodized training principals that have been extensively written about by remarakable coaches such as Tudor Bompa, Joe Friel and Chris Carmichael.

Feel free to browse the articles on the site. If you have a question feel free to ask via the Contact page, or use my Online Forums to the left. If you are ready to have a custom training plan made to help you meet your goals, just let me know.