Coach Suzanne Olympic Swim Club

So today you had a “skinny day”…then kind where regardless of what the scale says, you feel trim & lean, you sneak a feel or a look at your stomach in the mirror and think there might be a muscle peeking through? Then you shoot a selfie and think, “hey self, lookin good today!”. Plus…you swam…a lot. And didn’t bring anything to eat after your swim but stayed to coach for another 2 1/2 hours. THen it starts…that gnawing at your stomach. That fatigue…the heaviness in your shoulders. that sneaking devil that whispers, you know a big bowl of pasta with a beer and a brownie would really replenish all that glycogen you used up…even though you’re trying to train on low glycogen stores. You know that devil rear’s its ugly head just at the WRONG time. So what do you do? You celebrate your great day with…pasta, cheese sauce, a bread stick, blue cheese dressing wiht bacon on your iceburg quarter (oh it tasted so good). And what’s for desert? Beer (you had to hydrate first of course), and a chocolate lava cake. What have you DONE to yourself? You just couldn’t hang on, could you? Your modeling career will have to wait just