Remote Swim Video Analysis

Coach Suzanne has a unique eye for swim technique that’s grounded in a firm understanding of anatomy & kinesiology in the swimmer.

Suz-SupermanWhether you consider yourself a struggling beginner, a recovering collegiate swimmer, a age-grouper with shoulder, neck or back pain when swimming, she can identify and communicate to you in easy to understand tips and drills to help you become more confident, improve your speed, reduce neck pain, reduce shoulder pain and reduce back pain in swimming.

As a former competitive swimmer who suffered back surgery at age 36 she understands both the competitive swimmer as well as the aging athlete.

What Can You Have Evaluated Remotely?

Coach Suzanne will evaluate your swimming technique remotely using the same type of video analysis done in private lessons and clinics.  Some options for your swim video analysis for triathlon and open water swimming include:

  • assessment of your current technique including strengths and areas of opportunity
  • recommendations on three of your most important technique improvements
  • evaluation of your stroke metrics
  • recommendations on improving speed through appropriate metric practices with tempo
  • analysis of your pace decay and whether your stroke mechanics are breaking down or your fitness needs improvement

What Will You Receive?

Freestyle Breathing TIpsYou can specify your biggest perceived area of need when you upload your videos . She will create and upload a screencast video of your stroke review, followed by a skype or google hangout session to review your areas of improvement with you.

You can select a one time option, a 3 swim package, or monthly review to help keep you on track and moving forward with your skill & technique.  This is the next best thing to having a swim coach on deck.

Equipment and Video Required and Recommended

To get the most out of your remote swim video review, you’ll need a camera, preferably with wide angle such as a go pro, that can film underwater video.

These are the biggest impact views from most important to least.  I’ll use up to four views for each swim video analysis session.

  1. Side view – Underwater, 1 full length (25y or 25m)
  2. Front view – Above Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall
  3. Side view – Above Water,  1 full length (25y or 25m)
  4. Overhead view  – 5-6 full stroke cycles midlength
  5. Front view – Below Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall
  6. Open water footage, any views with the swimmer filling much of the frame.

You can upload up to four clips of up to 1 minutes each.  If you are interested in evaluating the difference between two different paces or between the beginning of your swim and at the end when you are tired, upload the first 2 views for each of those paces or each of those swims.

Additional Options for Metrics (Pacing) Evaluation

If you are doing a video evaluation of your swim plus stroke metrics, please include a continuous 100 yd/m swim at your race pace as one of your four uploads. This is usually best done as a continuous side view of all four lengths of a 25yd/m pool (or 2 lengths of a 50m pool).

Another option is to record an all out 100 effort, and the final 100yds of your all out, evenly paced 400 effort.  I’ll use those videos to both calculate your fitness parameters as well as give feedback on your stroke technique, with the emphasis being on your fitness.

Purchase Options

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