Rise of the Resilient Triathlete

The Rise of the Resilient Triathlete

As you already know, I’ve helped thousands of triathletes train for their very first triathlon, I’ve also coached world and national champions, and Kona qualifiers.   The triathlon training plans  available for download or purchase have helped thousands of beginner triathletes like you.    And there is one thing I know with 100% certainty.

There are Two Types of Triathletes

Aspiring triathletes like yourself come in two categories. The minority — who train and have a blast finishing their first Olympic Distance Triathlon…and the Majority — those who struggle deciding what plan to follow, and never cross that finish line like they dream of
Now I don’t have to ask you what category you’re in. If you’ve been searching the web for an  triathlon training plan, you already know what category you’re in. And you may wonder, why some aspiring triathletes are successful and why most never get to the starting line.
That’s an easy question to answer…

The Rise of the Resilient Triathlete

The answer is whether or not you’re operating like a Resilient Triathlete.
If you’re not approaching for your first triathlon training plan like a Resilient Triathlete with the three core pillars you’ll learn from us, then you won’t get all the enjoyment and success out of Triathlon that you should, and you risk injury, overwhelm, anxiety and dread about training.
If you’re in the category that’s struggling to make the commitment to start triathlon training or if you’re already committed but want to make sure you’re using the same skills that elite triathletes use, then enroll in our 7 Day Course, The Rise of the Resilient Triathlete where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the Resilient Triathlete method that you can use in your training too. 
When you’re done with the 7 day course, it will be obvious why you’ve been stuck. And it will be even more apparent as to what you have to do NOW to get the results that you deserve from your time invested in triathlon training.

Outdated Modes of Training are No Longer Acceptable for Triathletes

Now let me use a guitar analogy that will help you to really understand the difference between these two types of triathletes.
The first  category of triathletes, the ones who don’t get to the finish line reminds me of a classic 1960s Gretch Double Diamond guitar that I purchased a few years ago. It looked great on the outside, but…it had a lot of issues that made it hard to actually play. It looks fantastic hanging on the wall, but the lack of updated parts and dusty electronics made it hard to start playing a song, let alone to finish.
In contrast, the second category of triathletes, the ones who thrive on their training and cross the finish line happy and healthy, reminds me of another guitar I own, a 2017 Gretch Broadcaster. Just like the 1960s Double Diamond model, it looked great on the outside. But playing it was a completely different experience.  The Broadcaster’s finish, design, choice of electronics and strings made it simply sing, and it was hard NOT to put it down and finish many songs!

Resilient Triathletes have a Balanced Approach

Now i know you already get the point. Working harder with an outdated triathlon training methodology is a waste of your time. Finding a better, more efficient and balanced approach to triathlon training is the only way to get to the finish line feeling great about your training, proud of your accomplishments and ready to sign up for more.
Now this makes sense, and why would you train any other way? And how much time and stress is it really costing you to continue trying to learn how to train for a  triathlon by surfing the internet, reading blogs and watching youtube personalities?
If your’e done with the struggles, fear and overwhelm of choosing a triathlon training plan, then it’s time for the Resilient Triathlete inside of you to rise up!

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