One-on-One Custom Triathlon Coaching

One on one customized coaching is available for any level of triathlete or single sport athlete.   Our current and past clients include World Championship Ironman Qualifiers to first time sprint distance triathletes and every distance and skill in-between.  Each of our coaches has experience racing, but more importantly in crafting a training program that works for you.  During your initial interview, we will talk about your prior sports experience, past racing (if any), immediate and long term goals.

Swimming Training

Nearly all triathletes will benefit from increased efficiency and comfort in the swim, by far the most important aspect to setting up a great bike and run.  You’ll  benefit from a friendly, non-judgmental instructing style while gain speed and grace. Learning how to convert effort into forward movement and protect injury-prone shoulder and neck joints.  Coach Suzanne achieved the high distinction of Master Coach during her time with Total Immersion and has worked with all abilities from professional triathlete to first time swimmer. All of our coaches have essential instruction in helping triathletes improve their swim.

Lactate Testing 

Lactate threshold testing using a portable lactate meter creates a unique profile of your body’s metabolism. As your training plan creates improvements in your fitness a repeat test should demonstrate a visible “shift” in your lactate profile. If your power or pace has improved at your lactate threshold, you are guaranteed to have better performance and race results.  Lactate testing can be performed at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA or we can travel locally to your nearby site for a small fee.