Monthly Swim Coaching for Swimmers & Triathletes


I’m excited to help you become a better swimmer thought specific, objective swimming workouts, and sessions that address your weakness and amplify your strengths.  We will develop a baseline assessment of your current swimming frequency, distance, pace, and any issues you already know about. We will come up with mutually agreeable goals based on your personal needs and future plans whether it be health, fitness, or preparing for a specific swim race.

To get started, make your payment here (you’ll be temporarily redirected to, and your credit card will show a payment to TriMastery dba Steel City Endurance).   After payment you’ll be redirected to this page to complete your checklist.

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What happens next?

  1.  Set up your training peaks calendar and attach to Coach Suzanne
  2.  Fill out the following forms and return to Coach Suzanne at
  3.  Answers to the following questions by email:
    • What is your current swim routine past 4-6 weeks:
      • days per week,
      • distance per swim,
      • sample sets (long endurance, short repeats with lots of rest, technique/drills, etc.
    • Recent and all-time bests for:
      • 50,100,400,800/1000, 1500 -> send any that you know.
      • Also include any results for a recent CSS test (critical swim speed) or Pace Decay Set
    • Strokes per length informatoin
      • Typical SPL for a fast 50 or 100
      • Typical SPL for a easy set totaling 1000 yards or more ( 10×100 or 2×500 or 1×1000)
    • Tempo Information
      • Typical stroke rates  in either strokes per minute or seconds per stroke for
      • fast 50/100
      • easy 1000 or more in any combination ( 10×100 or 2×500 or 1×1000)
    • If you use a tempo trainer in mode 3 (seconds per length) give me details about that


Once we have all the forms and information, we can start creating your plan!  I’m looking forward to it!