If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth at least a million. Video analysis of your technique gives you instant feedback on the areas of improvement which will create the biggest impact on your form.

While many excellent books & websites exist that discuss efficient swimming or efficient running technique, until you see yourself on video you won’t understand what your biggest opportunities are for improvement.

If you are unsure whether you suffer from these basic (and common) running and swim problems, a private one-on-one lesson with a coach using video feedback will give you the biggest bang for your training buck to improve your efficiency and enjoyment while training

Common Swimming Problems

  • Lack of Basic horizontal Balance (front to back balance)
  • An elusive “dropped elbow”
  • Trouble seeing your bow wave
  • Kicking from the Knee
  • Recovery stroke de-stabilizing your breath

Common Running Issues

  • Heel striking
  • Landing in front of the center of mass
  • Bending forward at the Waist
  • “Sitting in a Bucket”
  • Open Elbows
  • Running Too Tall