Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

Our Sprint triathlon training plans will help you train for your first or your fastest triathlon. They cover a distance of 750m swim, 20km bike and a 5k run. While relatively short, these races are not only for new triathletes. The Sprint race is used at National and World championships as well. No matter your ability level, you’ll find that the plan you choose here will suit your needs perfectly!

Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

This 12 week plan for the first time triathlete is available on Training Peaks, an online coaching and training platform to help you track and manage everything about your training .

Level:  1 / Beginner
Type:  Online
Duration: 12 Weeks 


Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

nThis 12 week plan is suitable for novice triathletes, and can be downloaded to your hard drive.  The workouts use duration to ensure you have the fitness to cross the finish line.  The durations are based on average first time triathlete finishing times.  If you can complete the scheduled workouts ,you’ll have no trouble finishing your first triathlon. It contains a single page PDF download in duration only.   Simple and without elaboration, but the training schedule outline is adequate to get you across your first finish line.

Level:  1 / Beginer 
Type:  PDF Download
Duration: 12 Weeks 

Advanced Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

This 12 week sprint triathlon  plan is slightly more advanced than the Level 1 Plan.  It contains details of your workouts for each day, including intervals for biking and running, and technique suggestions for swimming, along with the details of your swim workout.  It is available only as single webpage that you can print out, but we’ll get one formatted as a digital download shortlyy. 

Level:  2 / Advanced Beginner
Type:  Webpage (no download)
Duration: 12 Weeks 


Rise of the Resilient Triathlete

This free course covers the three main pillars of the Steel City Endurance philosophy to help you become a fast, fulfilled and resilient triathlete.   It is a 7 part email course and is 100% free.

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