Sprint Distance Swim Workout H (Endurance + Speed)

Sprint Distance Swim Practices

Swim Workout: Sprint H (1000 yds)

Warmup (200)
 2 x 100 Continous Swim 2 100s, easy long strokes. Rotate thoughts with each 25 from relaxed neck, to “swim tall”, to streamlined legs.   Try to combine all 3 thoughts on the final length. Repeat once.
Main set (700)
This is a race distance simulation, broken into intervals. You’ll record the total time to swim all 12 repeats, then subtract the rest time in order to get your time for the 600. You can track this from week to week as this swim set works up to a full 600 continous
200 Easy Swim 200 Easy freestyle with long relaxed strokes and loose recovery arm.   Keep the extended arm in the water long and steady until the body begins to rotate as the recovering hand enters the water.
6 x 25 Fast Until now you’ve focused on relaxed swimming. stay relaxed, but increase the rate of your stroking to swim faster.  Rest a full 20 seconds or more between each 25 to start each one with great form.
200 Easy See if pace & stroke count match the first 200
6 x 25 Fast Repeat the fast 25s, trying to maintain great form even as your muscles start to get tired.
Cooldown (100)
2-4 x 25 Swim 4 easy 25s, alternating different strokes, either breaststroke then backstroke or freestyle.