Sprint Distance Triathlon: Swim Workout G – Broken 50s race distance

Sprint Distance Swim Practices

Swim Workout: Sprint G (800 -900 yds)

Warmup (200)
4 x 50
4 x 50
Warmup 1: Swim 4 x 50 with 5 breaths rest. Try to swim each one slightly slower/easier than the last by slowing down your stroke tempo. Can you purposefully reduce the number of strokes you take in each length?Warmup 2: Gradually increase the tempo of your stroke so increase the speed every so slightly with each 50. Can you keep the long relaxed stroke you ended the first warmup with?
Main set (600)  (race distance)
This is a race distance simulation, broken into intervals.  You’ll record the total time to swim all 12 repeats, then subtract the rest time in order to get your time for the 600. You can track this from week to week as this swim set works up to a full 600 continous
12 x 50 Swim 12 x 50 yds, resting 10 seconds between each repeat. Time yourself for the ENTIRE set, and then subtract 110 seconds (1 minute 50 seconds) to get your total swim time. Record this time in your training log to compare from week to week.
Cooldown (100)
2-4 x 25 Swim 4 easy 25s, alternating different strokes, either breaststroke then backstroke or freestyle.