Swimming Workouts Sprint “F” (900-1000)

Sprint Distance Swim Practices

Swim Workout: Sprint-F (900-1000 yds)

Warmup (200)
4 x 25 (alternate Breast & Freestyle)

2 x 50 (50 breast, 50 free)

Alternate breaststroke with freestyle…focus on streamlining during the stroke.


Main set (600)
If any of these “lines” of the swim practice feel strained, difficult or lack the smoothness of the warmup, then repeat the PREVIOUS line rather than continuing on. This is a form focused swim.
4 x 50 Keep your long smooth stroke and try to make each length the same speed. Rest 5 breaths between each.
2 x 100 OK to let your stroke count go up 1 or 2 on this round. As before, make each 50 the same pace as the previous one. Rest 5-10 breaths.
1 x 200 Stroke count should be stabilized for this, that is, it should not go any higher than it was for the 50s previously. Rest 10 breaths between each
Cooldown (100)
2-4 x 50 Swim 2-4 easy 50s, alternating different strokes, either breaststroke then backstroke or freestyle.