4 Week Triathlon Total Immersion Clinic

This 4 week Triathlon focused clinic incorporates the Total Immersion principals of continuous improvement and enjoyment in a unique approach not found in most masters practices or swim workout lists.   Each week we will focus on one four components of Whole Stroke Practice. Not only will we  help you learn to swim better, but you’ll also learn to find enjoyment in every single stroke that you take.

Throughout the four week clinic we will help you develop grace in the water (efficiency), sustain your graceful efforts longer (endurance), and maintaining graceful movements at higher efforts (speed).  Each practice will take you further into your own exploration of the lifelong process of swimming mastery.

Week 1:  Develop Grace with Mindful Swimming

The first session introduces mindful swimming.   Sensory feedback is the sole focus of this session, allowing us to begin developing the foundation for lifelong improvement in our swimming. Pace clocks, stopwatches or lap counting are not allowed in this session.  Seeking and interpreting sensory feedback will be new experience for most triathletes. Learn to collect, analyze and interpret your body’s own movements through both kinesthetic (motion) and proprioceptive (position) feedback.  Learn how to think about swimming in focused and targeted ways so that you can continue to develop grace when swimming on your own.

Week 2:  Find Your Swimming Gears with Stroke Counting

Week two builds on the sensory foundation of mindful swimming. Counting strokes is the easiest form of measurement in swimming and builds the foundation for helping you understand how efficiently you have swum any distance or speed. Stroke counts too high or too low can both make swimming harder and less enjoyable. Finding the optimal (not minimal) stroke count means finding the one that makes it easiest to swim a given distance and pace.    We will introduce three basic skills in stroke counting: Find your count, Hold your count, Choose your count.  

Week 3:  Find your sustainable Speed with Tempo Training

In week three we will introduce the tempo trainer and learn how tempo and stroke count are interconnected.  Once the student is familiar with ways to use the tempo trainer, the “math of speed” becomes tangible.  We will learn how lowering tempo can result in a lower stroke count, then try to maintain that lower stroke count while increasing the tempo.  You’ll learn how to get “free speed” when training this way.
*Tempo trainers will be provided by Steel CIty Endurance for practice and can be purchased at the conclusion of the session at a $5 off retail cost  ($35).

Week 4:  Measure your Improvements with Timed Swimming

It’s not until week four that we introduce any external measures of timing into our swim practice. TIme is just one measurement of your swimming that is most meaningful in the context of previous skills we have learned (stroke count & stroke tempo).   We have learned in Weeks 1-3 that “better” swimming doesn’t always mean “faster” swimming.   Whether swimming “better” (same time, less effort), or “faster” (same effort, less time) you’ll learn exactly how to target your swim practice so that you know you are moving closer to your goals.

Each swim session is 1 hour long. Students are expected to swim 2 additional practices on their own during the week, reenforcing the lessons learned in each session.  Masters and group practices (except with classmates) are discouraged during this time as your focus will be on external cues such as pace clocks, interval repeats and staying ahead of splashing lane mates.

Rather than losing swim fitness, as some people fear, you’ll gain an entirely new understanding of your own body and how it moves through the slippery and elusive environment of the pool and open water.  Chances are that you’ll love swimming even more at the conclusion of this four week session.

Prerequisites:  You don’t need to be a fast or graceful swimmer to take the clinic, however, you should be able to swim 50 yards in a minute or 100  yards without stopping in around 2 minutes or less. A little longer is OK.  If your slower than that you would best benefit from individual or small group practices until your technique is a little more refined.  Familiarity with Total Immersion is not required.

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Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm Location: Olympic Swim & Health Club, 517 Twin Oak Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Cost $195 per person. PTC, FTE & Pitt Tri Club members receive $15 off.

NEXT CLINIC: Tuesdays November 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd.


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