2-4 1/2 lengths: Skating, with “sneaky breath”.
2-4 repeats: One armed swim, NB (same lead arm)
2-4 1/2 lengths: One armed swim, “sneaky breath” (away from lead arm)
2 x 25 Swim

You may repeat this sequence as often as you like. Repeat on your “weak side” breathnig as well.

****Descriptions ****
Skating with sneaky breath: Body should be slightly rotated in skate position. Hips & Shoulders aligned. Lead arm is on it’s wide track. Sneaky breath: Pivot the head away from the lead arm to grab a bite of air while keepign lead arm on it’s track without moving under the body or pressing down.

One Armed Swim NB (No Breath): Do 4-6 one armed strokes without breathing first. Use the same arm as the leading arm from skating drill above. Focus on evenly rotating the hips & torso with each stroke while non-stroking arm remains at the side of the body. (ie when lead arm is out, that side of the hips and shoulders are rotated closer to the pool bottom. As the arm strokes, body rotation occurs and finshes with the opposite side hips & shoulders rotated near the bottom of the pool at the end of the stroke and during recovery. When the recovery arm reenters the water by spearing back to skate, the torso rotates back to original position. Pause a moment in skate to feel streamlining as well as letting the body return to the surface. Begin next stroke when you sense stability returning.

One Armed Swim with Breathing: Same as above, but now, let head swivel/rotate to grab a breath just as you did in the skating drill above. You are now combining it with the one armed stroking. Breath away from the stroking arm, and breath when that arm is spearing to the front and the body has rotated allowing an air space to form next to the head.

Swim 2 x 25 focusing on breathing away from the leading arm, while holding lead arm on a wide track.

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