XTERRA – Three Month Training Plan

XTERRA “First Time Finisher”
An accelerated three-month training plan

Designed by: Steel City Endurance coach, Suzanne Atkinson.
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Who this three month XTerra Training plan will help most

This plan is for the first time, first or second year multisport athlete who is in good health and can handle a beginning volume of 2:30 per week. If you follow this training plan, you should have no trouble finishing your first XTERRA.

Suggested workout durations are based on conservative “First Time Finisher” times, and the overall plan includes a “rest” week every 4th week. Keep all workouts easy at a pace that you could hold a conversation and try to do your weekend long rides and runs on the trails.

You’re responsible for your own self-care and health

By downloading and following this plan, you agree to the waiver and release of liability stating that you are in good physical health and have received a doctor’s clearance for participation in endurance sports training if applicable.

How fast will this make me? 

This is a basic plan designed to build endurance in the novice triathlete in their 1st or 2nd year of the sport. Workout durations are based on projected “First Time Finisher” times. If you are able to complete this plan while remaining injury free, you should be successful in completing your first XTERRA.