Coaching Plans and Services



I currently offer the same outstanding level of service to all of our athletes. I have found that coaching is most satisfying when I have frequent communication with my athletes, and when my athletes feel that they have uninhibited access to me for questions and advice. You will not find a “gold”, “silver” or “bronze” plan from Steel City Endurance, only the “Charter Plan”.

I feel that offering you a “personalized” plan while limiting the number of questions you can ask, or the number of emails or phone calls you can make does the coaching process a disservice and can lead to dissatisfaction for both the athlete and for the coach. I believe that this is the only way to provide an excellent coaching experience for you. The feedback obtained throughout each block allows us to fine tune upcoming schedules. Your plan is delivered in a 4 week block to help you make needed adjustments to your schedule or your training plan, but changes can be made at any time as needed.


Charter Plan – Cyclist or Triathlete

  • Customized plan delivered in 4 week blocks
  • Online Training Peaks account ($19.95/month value)
  • Unlimited phone calls between hours of 10am & 8pm, returned within 24-48 hour (daily schedule varies)
  • Unlimited emails, returned within 24-48 hours, (but usually within 2 or 3!)
  • Initial athlete history & goal evaluation
    1 hour face to face session for local athletes (Pittsburgh area)
    Via telephone after athlete completes initial packet for non-local athletes



  • Triathletes
    First month $175 (2009 Stimulus package special, no startup fee!)
    $175 per month afterwards.
  • Cyclists
    First month $175 (2009 Stimulus package special, no startup fee!)
    $175 per month afterwards.




Power Plan

Do you own a power meter? Contact me for additional details for coaching plans that include training with power.


Our Guarantee – Faster in 30 Days or it’s Free!

I guarantee that you will see results within your first 30 days, or else your first month is Free! If you follow your custom training plan for the first month and do not feel better on your bike, ride faster during your field tests, or do not feel you are getting the service you expect from Steel City Endurance, your first month is free!


Why get a Coach?

Great talent that goes uncoached limits your potential as a cyclist or triathlete. Directed training with a coach helps you use your limited training time wisely and maximizes your development as an athlete.




If you are in search of coaching for a club or group, we offer event specific training plans as well as season training plans.  Contact  me with the details for your group and we will work together for a mutually beneficial coaching solution.

“We are capable of more than we think we are”

Looking forward to coaching you

-Coach Suzanne