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Olympic Swim & Health Club
Indoor 25 yd Pool

Please leave ample time to arrive your first trip.  The club is tucked away in Penn Hills where street signs are not easily identified.  Use a GPS or leave an extra 20-30 minutes to find your way. When you arrive, sign in at the main desk at the indoor pool inside the round building next to the parking lot.  Locker rooms are inside.  They will direct you to the outdoor pool about 100 yards further down the property past the two dek hockey rinks.

Ladies may wear swimsuits or trisuits as desired. Men MUST have a swim suit, tri shorts or a tri suit.  No boardshorts, surf shorts or baggie trunks allowed! Please do not wear wetsuits or any type of suit that provides flotation or drag.

Why?  most triathletes struggle with balance and sinking hips, especially men due to a denser lower half and different distribution of body fat. Board shorts/baggies cause drag only around the hips making the problem worse.  Learning how your body interacts with the water is vital and difficult enough without the added “baggage” of baggy trunks.  Set any modesty aside and invest in a durable pair of swim shorts such as “jammers” or tri shorts.

Additional Equipment
Highly Recommended:

#1 Total Immersion Perpetual Motion Freestyle DVD.  Use the code “coachsuzanne” at checkout to receive an additional 10% off of anything in the store. We will cover many of the drills in the DVD during your sessions, and it’s always nice to hear and see Terry demonstrate nearly flawless swimming and drills.

#2  Finis Tempo Trainer/Tempo Trainer Pro

This is a small digital metronome adjustable to 1/100th of a second. It is slightly thicker than a half-dollar and slips under your swim cap.  For participants that purchase a tempo trainer, I will have specific tempo trainer sets during the last 2 sessions of bootcamp. I will have only a handful of tempo trainers for people to try & buy during the sessions.

Optional Equipment

Finis Zoomers (Blue)  If your kick is not very propulsive, these will help you perform many of the skating drills we will cover.  The blue fins are designed for fitness and long distance swimmers. It is a short fin that aids in momentum without creating too much fatigue in the legs.

Finis Fist Gloves  Fist drills are a great way to continue to develop a good feel for GOOD resistance in the water (the kind that moves you forward) as opposed to BAD resistance (the kind that holds you back).  In addition, swimming with fist gloves forces you to really tune in to your balance and breathign without relying on the crutch of poor underwater mechanics.

Finis Swim Sense Watch This is a great “gadget” to add to your collection, but the information gathered must be used in context. By the end of the tri swim bootcamp, you’ll understand just what each of the swim metrics means and how to use them all to improve your swimming.