Coach Michael Brown

Coach Michael Brown

Coach Michael is an experienced skills instructor, helping many new and experienced riders improve their road handling & racing skills as well as off-road riding techniques. His care in designing customized training plan for his athletes is reflected in the level of detail he provides, including taking weather into account and scheduling shorter indoor trainer rides when particularly bad weather is expected, and long exploratory road rides on sunny days.



Michael Brown has been coaching cyclists since the early 1990s when he ran a bicycle retail store in the South Hills, “Maestro Cycles”.   After the store closed in the late 90s, he continued to be involved in the cycling community and helped coach a group of junior road cyclists to the overall “B” series championships against much older and more experienced competitors.

Michael is the sole owner/builder of Maestro Frameworks, a custom steel bicycle building outfit on Pittsburgh’s North Shore.  Visit his website to see the breadth and variety of custom frames he can build for his clients. He offers full bicycle builds taking the customers riding and racing style into account with hand built custom wheels, and a component set that matches both price and riders needs.



Favorite Race Experience:

Racing other cyclists on the Jail Trail with my 7 year old daughter on our tag-a-long.


Coaching Certifications:

USA Cycling Level 2