Consider this page your guide to links to resources about emotional intelligence (EQ) for triathletes and swimmers.

What is EQ
• The ability to recognize emotional fluctuations
• The ability to manage emotional fluctuations

Benefits of a high EQ
• Maximizes your learning
• Maximizes your racing
• Maximizes your performance • Maximizes your enjoyment
• Experiences of being “in the zone”?
• What tools can help you to get there?

Performance Pathway
• EQ Trumps fitness & preparation
• High EQ -> Ability to access the green zone – Think what you like
– Behave how you choose
– Access or Retrieve Skills You’ve been working on – Learn, Practice, Race & Perform at your best

Perceived Threats
• Brain prioritizes threats to survival
• Processed through pre-frontal cortex
• Is this a threat and do I need to act on it?

– -Am I going to drown?
– -Can I make the distance?
– -Can I perform my best?
– -Can I perform under pressure?
– -Can I navigate an unknown course?

For more information about Emotional Intelligence for Triathletes, visit these resources: 

Triathlete EQ by Izzy Justice & Heather Golnik

Swim EQ by Dinah Mistillis 

Freestyle Swimmer Struggling to Breath

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