Triathlon Training Plans

You’ll find triathlon training plans here for a variety of distances and ability levels.   Whether you are a beginner or experienced triathlete and whether you are completing a sprint triathlon, olympic triathlon, Half Ironman™ or Ironman™  Triathlon, Steel City Endurance Coaching has worked with someone just like you!  If you don’t see the plan you want, feel free to contact us and we can work on creating one for your needs.

All plans follow first principals of training, including allowance for adequate recovery and restorative training.   Swimming workouts emphasize efficiency and technique, with weekly sessions focused on assessing your speed.   Run workouts periodize strength, leg speed and endurance.  Cycling workouts focus on raising your threshold to not only help you race faster and fresher, but also improve your efficiency overall. 

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

Sprint Triathlons typically consist of a 750 m swim, a 20 km bike and a 5km  run.

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Half Ironman™ Triathlon Training Plans

The Half Ironman distance is a 1.2mile (1.9km) swim, 56mile (90km) bike and 13.1mile (21.1km) run 

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XTerra Training Plans

Plans for off road triathlons

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Olympic Triathlon Training Plans

Olympic distance triathlon’s are standardized with a 1500m swim, a 40 km bike and a 10 km run

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Ironman™ Triathlon Training Plans

The Ironman distance is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run

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Rise of the Resilient Triathlete

This 7 Day Email Course teaches you about the 3 main Pillars of our approach to training, including Scientific Alignment, Objective Analysis and Reflective Restoration and Recovery.   You need all three in the right balance to thrive as a triathlete. 

7 Day Course

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