16 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon “Fast Finisher’s” Training Package

Set a new Personal Best at this year’s Pittsburgh Triathlon, on August 1st, 2010


Suzanne Runs Alcatraz

This 16 week package is designed for the 2nd (+) year triathlete who has completed at least one Olympic Distance Event and would like to improve their previous performance.  This plan builds on your current fitness level helping you swim more efficiently, create more power and execute proper pacing on the bike, run on fresh legs for your finest 10k and an Olympic Distance Personal Best.
The 16 week plan starts on April 12th and ends on August 1st, 2010, at the Pittsburgh Olympic Distance Triathlon.  Registration fee for the triathlon is not  included with the trianing package.
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Who is this plan for?

  • Triathletes with 1 or more years of training experience who want to improve on their personal best Olympic Distance race time
  • Currently running a minimum of  9 miles per week, 3 times per week and injury free for the past 2 months
  • Currently cycling a minimum of 3 hours per week, able to ride a minimum of 20 miles in one ride
  • Currently able to swim 100 yards non-stop, and 1000 yards in a single workout

What is the format of the training plan?
The training plan is a 16 week long plan divided into two 8 week blocks of general preparation followed by specific preparation.  The general preparation block follows the Steel City Endurance philosophy of “Strong before Long” and “Fast before Far”. There will typically be 9 workouts per week, 3 in each discipline.  Total hours for the plan range from 6 hours to about 10 hours during the peak volume of training time (1-2 weeks out of the 16). Athletes will follow the training plan on their own and can organize group training as well.

The actual workouts will include a variety of training paces, field testing to determine proper heart rate and/or power zones.  An olympic distance triathlon is performed just below and close to threshold pace depending on your overall fitness, so the plan will include race specific intensity training in the last 6-8 weeks of the plan.

Brick workouts are included as are guidelines on core strengthening sessions with links to Pittsburgh’s own Primal Quest Adventure Racer and personal trainer, Suzan Falvey.

What coached sessions does the plan include?

In addition to the 16 week training plan, delivered via Training Peaks basic or self-paid account, the training package includes three Coached sessions.
  1. Group run video session and drills & skills workout ($75 value if purchased individually)
  2. Two hour evening Total Immersion swim clinic ($150 value if purchased as private lessons)
  3. Coached cycling track threshold testing session so that you know you are properly testing your current fitness.
Optional extras include Core Training with Adventure Racer and Endurance Mountain Biker Suzan Falvey and Bike Fitting with BG Master Fit Specialist Todd Schoeni.

What are the minimum equipment requirements?

  • Road or Triathlon bike in working order
  • Helmet
  • Swim Goggles
  • Cycling Computer or Power Meter
  • Heart Rate Monitor (may be integrated with cycle computer/power meter)
  • Running Shoes of your choice

When does the training plan start?
Monday April 12th

When are the Coached Sessions ?
Wednesday April 14th, 7pm Meet & Greet, location TBA

Come and meet your training partners and ask any questions you may have about the plan

Thursday April 29th, 6-8pm

(flexible start) Cycling Field Testing @ Washington Blvd Oval

Wednesday May 2nd 7pm-9pm

Total Immersion Quick Start for Triathletes @ Olympic Pool & Health Club, Penn Hills (Value $130 for PTC & FTE members if purchased separately)

Thursday June 3rd, 7pm-9pm

Run Video Analysis, Drills & Skills Session (Value $65 for PTC & FTE members if purchased separately) @ Track or Park TBA – CMU Track?

A single make up session will be held for each of the three coached sessions. If you are unable to attend the make up session, a portion of your payment can be applied to a privately scheduled individual or group session.

Tell me what it includes again?

  • 16 Week Training Plan designed by Suzanne Atkinson, MD Level 2 USAC & USAT, Total Immersion Coach.($99 value purchased separately, $199/mo with personalized coaching)
  • Run Video Analysis ($75 value purchased separately)
  • Running Drills & Skills session ($75 value purchased separately)
  • 2 Hour Total Immersion Swim Clinic & Video Session ($150 value purchased separately)
  • Private Motion Box Folder with Class Videos
  • Latex Swim Cap ($9 value!)
  • Discount on Bike Fit by BG Master Fit Specialist Todd Schoeni (additional fee applies, regular fit $200)
  • Discount on group Core Training workout with Personal Trainer and Primal Quest Adventure Racer Suzan Falvey (additional fee will apply, private session normally $75)
  • Unlimited Forum Support for questions about training & the plan (Priceless!)
  • Free Total Immersion “Easy Freestyle” DVD

Personalized Monthly coaching normally sells for $199/ month.  Add in privately coached sessions for run, swim, bike as well as video analysis, and all this would cost over $1000 if purchased separately.  I can offer all of these at a group discount so that Pittsburgh Triathlon Club and Full Throttle Endurance members can register for only $295 for the 16 week package (over 70% off!) That’s less than $75 per month.  You won’t find a better value for the money anywhere! 

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