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Here they are in ascending order starting with #5

Triathlon Swimming Technique – When to Catch the Water

This post was written immediately after my initial Total Immersion Weekend workshop.  In retrospect, I’m pleased with how much I picked up that weekend, now 3 years ago. So much has changed for the better since then with my current involvement as a Total Immersion master coach.


Number Four

Breath Better: Breathing Technique in Swimming – Timing the Rotation

This post is all about when to time the breath for seamless integration with your stroke. When you do it right it should feel almost as if you can breath underwater!


Number Three

Swimming Technique, Scissors Kick – Do Ankle Bands Work?

Ankle bands do serve a purpose and many people benefit from them…but half of the solution to the problem is still missing when you use ankle bands.  Find out what it is in this post!


Number Two

The Process Oriented Athlete – Bring your Mental Focus Inward

This article was written as part of the series for the 2012 Pittsburgh Triathlon and Adventure race to benefit Friends of the Riverfront.   This is possibly one of the single best things you can do to improve your training and racing in 2013…learn how to train with process focus and enhanced mental sharpness.


Finally…The most popular article on my website in 2012:

Chris Lieto’s Triathlon Swimming Technique Analysis

There is a funny story about this article.  In November I was in Kona, Hawaii coaching a Total Immersion Open Water camp, and several of our particpants took part in Lava Man, an Olympic Distance race held just a few weeks after the Ironman championships.

As I stood at the swim finish trying to pick out our swimmers, I zeroed in on the two men’s leaders with my binoculars.  One of them looked like he was really going fast…stroking like crazy, sighting every 2nd breath with good form…he must have been working super hard!  The other looked lazy almost…barely matching 1 stroke of his for 2 of the other guys.

The smooth swimmer was leading right up until the final 30 yards when he over-swam the poorly marked exit chute, but finished just a second behind the splasher dude.  it turns out the great swimmer was Chris Lieto.  So amazing to get to see him swim in person, especially after writing this article.

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