Coachign Pearls of WisdomI find that some of the best advice from our coaches is in the form of short emails and conversations with our athletes. We do this several if not dozens of times a day, with most of the advice being given during our first month of coaching and before their first race.  Naturally some athletes need more interaction than others, but because they are  usually asking me a specific question or have a specific problem we can give them a specific solution.

Our responses to their questions are always passionate and well thought out and come from my heart.   Often I will mark these exchanges in my email account with the full intention of later turning them into an article to help others.  More often than not, this never happens.   So I’m going to start a new category on our blog here called “pearls” , which will hopefully help impart more coaching wisdom to you, our blog readers, and help myself and my other coaches get a little more exposure outside of our current circle of athletes.

Would you find this a helpful thing for us to do?

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