TTPro-YellowThe Finis Tempo Trainer is equipped with several different modes for use.  In order to use it to setting pace for different intervals or  repeats, mode two allows us to set the duration anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Entering mode two on the basic tempo trainer is simple. Simply press the right button until the time comes to 10 seconds or higher. Once you go beyond 10 seconds time can be adjusted the same way. Simply keep pressing right buttons until you get to the duration of your repeat or interval. When you want to use the tempo trainer to track your stroke rate or  again you have to decrease time using left button.


For the tempo trainer pro, it is equipped with a separate mode two.  This saves you time because you can set your interval duration independently of your stroke rate or cadence.  Then you can simply switch between the different modes by pressing the top button.

Here are links to the two users manuals for the Finis Tempo Trainer