Steel City Endurance uses one of the most sophisticated Training Logs available on the internet. Training Peaks software allows your coach to upload a customized daily training plan. You are able to log into your training peaks account directly from our home page. Once logged in, you can view your annual training plan, your monthly and daily workout planner, a nutrition tracker, race tracker and more.

Recording Your Workouts

Training Peaks has a dedicated Wiki/How-To that should help you find the answer to just about any question you have about how to use the software. The activity that you will be doing most often is recording workout data from a previously planned (coach planned) workout. There are a few items that you will need to record on a daily basis. (It’s OK to fill in 2-3 days of info at once, as long as every workout has an entry)

Before reading further, View a screenshot of your Daily Log.

When you log in to view your daily workout, you will see two boxes. One is called “Workout Description”. This is the coach planned workout. Although this box can be edited, please do not change any of the text. This is the only way your coach can keep track of the original schedule. If there are any deviations from the planned schedule your coach will need the initial workout information in order to make changes for your next block.

Just below that you will see a box titled “Athlete Comments”. This is where you will enter your daily training notes. Your coach needs good feedback from you in order to make modification to your schedule for upcoming blocks. Please enter at least a short comment for every workout. You should comment on how the workout felt, any trouble you had with the workout session, or anything that felt particularly good or bad about the workout.

You will also need to record the actual time you spent on the workout regardless of the planned duration of the workout. Again, your coach needs this information in order to make adjustments to your schedule for your upcoming blocks.

Training Peaks Wiki Links

Read the Wiki on How to Record Workout Data Here.

If you are using a training device including any of the following, then read this Wiki to find out how to automatically upload workout data:

  • 3.1 Garmin
  • 3.2 Powertap
  • 3.3 Polar
  • 3.4 SRM
  • 3.5 Lemond
  • 3.6 Suunto
  • 3.7 Ergomo
  • 3.8 CompuTrainer
  • 3.9 Timex
  • 3.10 Cateye
  • 3.11 iBike
  • 3.12 Nike Triax Elite
  • 3.13 Symbol Calorie Scanner
  • 3.14 Tacx
  • 3.15 Nike + iPod

For a general overview of the functions available in your Training Peaks account, browse the Overview Wiki.