Week 2 Training Plan – First Time Finisher, International Distance

First Time Finisher Training Plans

Week 2, International Distance

Week 2 continues in the same pattern as the Week #1 training schedule. Two workouts per week in each discipline. While this post gives  a suggested day for each plan, feel free to move them around to suit your schedule. If you need to schedule two workouts on the same day, try to separate them by several hours if possible so that you can be better rested and fresh for each workout.  Review the Coach’s Corner article on planning your “basic week” if you still have any questions about planning.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you need specific help or suggestions.

You don’t have to follow these exact schedules, but do your best to fit in at least 2 workouts or practices in each discipline this week..

International Distance Plan – Week 2

Week 2 is about 4 hours of training.  The numbers listed for bike & run are total minutes of cycling or running.  The Swim specifics are linked below.

Day of Week Run Bike Swim Core/Flex
Monday  30 min  15 min
Tuesday  60 min
Wednesday ~800 yd  15 min
Thursday  45 min
Friday  90 min  15 min
Saturday  ~1200 yd

Runs 1 & 2:  These build on last week’s running very gradually. The first run is the same distance/time as last week’s first run…just 30 minutes. The second run is 45 minutes long. As before, if you are currently unable to run or jog the entire way, do a 5 minute brisk walking warmup and cooldown.  In the 10 or 20 minutes between (depending on whether you are doing Run 1 or Run 2), alternate running or jogging and brisk walking.  Try to keep moving and reduce the walking break from week to week.  If you opt for ongoing training of alternating running and walking right up to race day, that’s fine too. Follow your intuition about what’s best for you.

Bike #1 & 2:  These two bike rides also build on last week’s distances.  For the shorter ride, see if you can find a route that has some slight hill climbing, and practice shifting to an easier gear while climbing the hill. No need to “mash”.  Feel free to seek out slight inclines right away in your training, no need to avoid them. On the other hand if you don’t feel that you are ready for them just continue trying to build your time gradually.

Swim 1: Practice International-A

Swim 2: Practice International-C

Core/Flexibility: I’ve grouped these together but in reality both Core Strength & Flexibility are ultimately key elements of a successful training plan.   For just starting out, see if you can incorporate 15 minutes 2 – 3 thee times per week.  I like to do 10-15 minutes of Sun Salutes as soon as I get dressed in the morning before starting other activities.   Here is a video of the basic sun salute.  Perform 3-4 of these to start your day, and it will take only 10-15 minutes.