Week 3 Training Plan – First Time Finisher, International Distance

First Time Finisher Training Plans

Week 3, Sprint Distance

Week 3 follows the same patterns as the previous weeks.  We are continuing to progress your training by adding time to each of your rides, runs & swims.  Effort should still be at conversational level, ensuring that you are building endurance.

Week 3 is about  hours of training.  The numbers listed for bike & run are total minutes of cycling or running.  The Swim specifics are linked below.

Day of Week Run Bike Swim Core/Flex
Monday  25 min  15 min
Tuesday  45 min
Wednesday ~600 yd  15 min
Thursday  35 min
Friday  60 min  15 min
Saturday  ~700 yd

Runs 1 & 2:  These build on last week’s running very gradually.   This week we are progressing both the short run and the longer run.  If you still need to do a walk / jog combination, continue to do so. In fact, it’s fine to continue a walk jog pattern that works for you for the entire duration of your training as well as the triathlon.  If you can progress to doing mostly running and that’s your goal, simply keep reducing the amount of walking time from week to week.

Bike #1 & 2:  These two bike rides also build on last week’s distances.  The shorter ride is 45 minutes and the longer ride is 1 hour.   Depending on your fitness your average speed will vary, but at a minimum, you should be covering 10-14 miles in an hour long ride.   If you’re not quite at that speed yet, don’t worry, and if you’re faster than that, continue to do most of your riding at the conversational level to continue to build basic endurance.  If & when you feel like you want to go faster, you might consider switching over to the Intermediate Plan.

Swim 1: Practice International C

Swim 2: Practice International D

Core/Flexibility: I’ve grouped these together but in reality both Core Strength & Flexibility are ultimately key elements of a successful training plan.   For just starting out, see if you can incorporate 15 minutes 2 – 3 thee times per week.  I like to do 10-15 minutes of Sun Salutes as soon as I get dressed in the morning before starting other activities.   Here is a video of the basic sun salute.  Perform 3-4 of these to start your day, and it will take only 10-15 minutes.