Week 3 Training Plan – Intermediate International Distance

Intermediate Training Plans

The intermediate plans feature 2 to 3 workouts per week in each discipline. Depending on your time, plan on doing 7-9 workouts per week, plus 2-3 days of core. You should do more weekly sessions in your weakest sport. This makes these weekly plans customizable and allows you to improve the weak links in your triathlon abilities.

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International Distance, Week 3

Weeks 1-4 are all done at a “conversational pace”, meaning that if you cannot comfortably carry on a conversation you are working too hard. The goal is to establish a baseline of consistent training that you can easily recover from the next day. If you cannot currently do the suggested weekly time without increasing your baseline exercising less than 10-20% you may want to cut back for a few weeks.

Week 3 is up to 8:00 hours of training if you do 9 training session, with 3400 yards Swimming. The numbers listed for bike & run are total minutes of cycling or running. The Swims are listed in yards and suggested practices are linked below.

Day Run Minutes Bike Minutes Swim – Yards Core Minutes
Monday 15
Tuesday 35 1000
Wednesday 60 15
Thursday 35
Friday 60 1400 15
Saturday 105
Sunday 50 1000
Weekly Total 120 225 3400 45
Total Time 8:06
Total Yards 3400

Runs 1, 2 & 3: The 3 possible runs this week are 35, 35 and 50 minutes each. Depending on your pace, this may be a total of 8-12 miles, all done at a conversational pace.

Bike 1, 2 & 3: The 3 possible bike rides this week are 60, 60 and 105 minutes. Like the running, these are all done at conversational pace. Use a gear that allows you to spin at a comfortably high cadence of around 85-90.

Swim 1: Practice International-C (1000-1200 yds)

Swim 2: Practice International-D (1200-1400 yds)

Swim 3: Practice International-C (1000-1200 yds)


Continue to do 15 minutes 3 times a week of Core work and Flexibility. Or better yet, take a class in yoga or pilates.

Pittsburgh Personal Trainer Sue Falvey and I put together these videos that will give you a number of ideas for basic and advanced core training for cyclitsts and triathletes.
Core Exercises for Cyclists & Triathletes I

Core Exercises for Cyclists and Triathletes II

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