Week 6 Training Plan – First Time Finisher Sprint Distance

First Time Finisher Training Plans

These free weekly training plans have helped hundreds of finishers complete their first sprint distance triathlon. If you are looking for a more advanced plan for the GNC Pittsburgh Triathlon Sprint or Olympic Distance, check this page.

Sprint Distance, Week 6

Week 6 is about 5:35 hours of training, with 1600 yards Swimming.  There are now only 7 weeks remaining until your goal race.  The numbers listed for bike & run are total minutes of cycling or running. The Swims are listed in yards and suggested practices are linked below.

Day Run Minutes Bike Minutes Swim – Yards Core Minutes
Monday 15
Tuesday 700
Wednesday 60 15
Thursday 25
Friday 900 15
Saturday 80
Sunday 45
Weekly Total 70 140 1600 45


Runs 1 & 2

These runs continue to build your endurance.  Many people find that once they get to being able to run continuously for 20 minutes they finally start to feel “loosened up”.  By now you should feel that those first 20 minutes serve as a nice warmup and your longer runs on the weekends start to feel enjoyable especially in the 2nd half.  Don’t forget that you can always plan to walk for a minute every 10 minutes (or 2 minutes every 8 or whatever has been working for you)

Bike 1 & 2

Like running, biking should now be feeling really enjoyable once you’re 45 minutes or so into the ride…not that shorter rides are not enjoyable, but as your endurance builds the longer rides should actually start to feel invigorating and not exhausting.   Continue to practice keepign your cadence up between 85 – 95 RPM.  Everyone will have a different sweet spot, but you need to practice these higher cadences to feel comfortable there.  You’ll have more energy for the runs to follow.

Swim 1

Sprint Swim Workout “E”

Swim 2

Sprint Swim Workout “F”

Continue to do 15 minutes 3 times a week of Core work and Flexibility. Or better yet, take a class in yoga or pilates.

Pittsburgh Personal Trainer Sue Falvey and I put together these videos that will give you a number of ideas for basic and advanced core training for cyclists and triathletes.
Core Exercises for Cyclists & Triathletes I

Core Exercises for Cyclists and Triathletes II

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